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Keeping people at your site safe is the most important thing you do! So whether you are a school, medical facility, gated-community, or any type of business that should screen visitors and maintain visitor records, SILVERSHIELD™ Safety and Information Systems offers the most robust, customizable, and versatile system on the market. Our software is cloud-based, so it is easily accessible from any device, any time. SILVERSHIELD™ products are available on Mac and PC computers as well as all types of mobile devices including iPhones, iPads, android phones, and tablets. Any device can be used anytime, anywhere to screen and check in visitors to your site. So, whether your visitors are checked in at your front gate, back gate, or front office SILVERSHIELD™ Systems is there! Our Safety and Information System  is unparalleled in the industry.

  • Features Include

    • Instant Sexual Offender Check
    • Optional Criminal Background Check
    • Immediate Emergency Email, Text and/or Push Notifications For Authorized Employees
    • Lockdown System With 911 Silent Alarm Capabilities
    • Customizable Watch List Of Banned Visitors To Your Site
    • Customizable VIP List
    • Employee Email, Text and Push Notification Upon Guest Check-in
    • Instantaneous Temporary Visitor Badges Upon Clearance
    • Quick Badge For Return Visitors
    • Permanent ID Badges For Employees, Faculty, Students, Vendors, Volunteers, etc.
    • Customizable Reports
    • Individual And Assignable User Privileges
    • Special Event Management System To Invite, Screen, and Track Event Attendance
    • Virtual Academy For Professional Development Videos and Assessments

The SILVERSHIELD™ Family Of Security Options

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SILVERSHIELD™ Safety and Information Systems

SilverShield Interface

Technology Reinvented

We revolutionized Visitor Management Technology when we delivered the ability to communicate alarms via text, email & push notifications internally AND externally, along with the ability of alarm senders & receivers to communicate with each other directly and instantaneously via the same methods.

Combine the power of our VMS with our Event Management Module that is designed to increase the security of your gatherings and our Virtual Academy that enables you to train your staff on security, safety… and again, no other systems can compare with SILVERSHIELD™ Safety and Information Systems. Are you in the market to upgrade a dated VMS or don’t have a VMS? Call us today and let us show you the difference!

Mobile Visitor Management

A Multi-Platform Solution Compatible With All Computers and Mobile Devices


Mr. Tim Biesterfeld, MSIIE
 SilverShield has been a tremendous asset for our school in terms of giving us a level of confidence that our students and staff are protected via an extra level of security. Our resource officer, who is on campus, as well as our administration and security team, are notified instantly if any potential visitors arrive on our campus who might be of concern to us. In addition, the features that allow us to alert and communicate any potential threats give us a great peace of mind. 
Brian Quail
 The Boys & Girls Club of Broward County is a place to become. It is where children come to find safety and security, where they can find their identities and where citizenship starts. Keeping our kids and staff safe at our Clubs is the most important thing that we can do as an organization and having the SilverShield System in place gives us the peace of mind that we are doing just that. 

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With SILVERSHIELD™ Safety and Information Systems YOU Decide

  • Decide How SILVERSHIELD™ Products Best Fit Your Needs

    With SILVERSHIELD™ Systems, YOU determine who within your company has which rights to the system. Decide which features will be available to them. Nearly every function can be toggled on or off depending on your organization’s needs.

    YOU decide which devices your team will use because SILVERSHIELD™ products work on virtually any device.

    SILVERSHIELD™ software allows you to send text, email, and or push notifications. Determine who at your company or school will receive alerts if an event or emergency should occur. Then easily setup which individuals get specific notifications.

Visitor Screening

Visitor Screening

Instant visitor screening against: Watch List(s), National Sex Offender Database and optional Criminal Background Check.

Virtual Academy

Virtual Academy

Provides videos and assessments on a variety of topics allowing you to import your own videos and assessments for staff development.

Alarms and Alerts

Alarms and Alerts

SILVERSHIELD™ software provides two way communication through email, text and push notifications with the click of a button.


Available via native apps for IOS and Android users while being accessible via the web for both PC and Mac users