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SilverShield Security Software System

Vision and Mission

American Learning Systems (ALS) owns and operates American Heritage Schools (AHS), one of the largest private schools in the nation with two large campuses and over 4,200 students. Safety and security has always been the #1 priority and foremost thought for the administration of AHS. Although they have utilized visitor management systems during their long history, they had never found a single system that met the safety and efficiency standards that they desired.

After many years of searching for the perfect system, ALS decided that there was not a visitor management system on the market that could meet their needs in all areas of safety, security and efficiency. Therefore, they decided to create the SilverShield™ software to better protect their own staff, students, and guests. It is their goal to provide this superior system to other schools and businesses worldwide. ALS’s top administration, teachers, and security consultants worked diligently with SilverShield software developers to create a visitor management system, attendance and tardy program, alert notification system, and traffic management system that is second to none. Schools, hospitals, and businesses of all types will feel more secure with the efficiency and groundbreaking features of the SilverShield platform.