Incident & Emergency Management System

A Multi-Platform Solution Compatible With All Computers and Mobile Devices

Lockdown System

At The Touch Of A Button

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SilverShield’s Incident & Emergency Management System (including Lockdown System) works instantly to alert administrators, guards, teachers, students, staff, parents, etc. (stakeholders) to any threats on your campus or facility.

At the Entrance(s): The Visitor Management System silently alerts designated stakeholders whenever there is a threat at any entrance including a Watch List or Sex Offender match. Also, at any time, from any device, whenever any incident happens at an entrance, the users have instant access to the full Incident & Emergency Management System.

Anytime, Anywhere: The Incident & Emergency Management System (also known as the “Alarm System” or “Lockdown System”), alerts designated stakeholders and local police departments to both non-emergency and emergency threats, including lockdowns. SilverShield’s alarm system can be engaged on any computer or mobile device, and can expedite reaction time exponentially. When seconds count, SilverShield’s alarm system sends the emergency notifications your stakeholders need to begin their security protocol procedures, even before any hard-wired sirens or physical alerts are initiated. Both non-emergency and emergency notifications are sent three ways: email, text (SMS), and push notifications (web and mobile), so all stakeholders will receive a notification via one method or another. When the Lockdown Buttons are engaged, the system sends an audible siren to all users’ devices so even if they have earbuds in or other applications running on their computers or mobile devices, they are able to hear the lockdown siren, look for their notifications, and take immediate action.

SilverShield’s Incident & Emergency Management System was designed to expedite emergency security procedures through the use of an advanced notification and alarm system. Remember, when seconds count, SilverShield is the answer.

The SilverShield Visitor Management System

SilverShield Interface

Technology Reinvented

We revolutionized Visitor Management Technology when we delivered the ability to communicate alarms via text, email & push notifications internally AND externally, along with the ability of alarm senders & receivers to communicate with each other directly and instantaneously via the same methods.

Combine the power of our VMS with our Event Management Module that is designed to increase the security of your gatherings and our Virtual Academy that enables you to train your staff on security, safety… and again, no other systems can compare with SilverShield. Are you in the market to upgrade a dated VMS or don’t have a VMS?  Call us today and let us show you the SilverShield Difference!