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Visitor Management and Safety Software System

Visitor Management

Has Never Been Easier

With SILVERSHIELD™ Visitor Management Systems, you decide who has rights to the system and which features will be available to them because nearly every function can be toggled on or off depending on your organization’s needs. You have total control over which devices you will be using because the system works on virtually any device. Decide who will receive alerts if an event or emergency should occur, and determine how alerts are delivered because SILVERSHIELD™ Visitor Management Systems allow you to choose to send text, email and/or push alerts.

With a quick swipe of an ID, visitors can be screened, checked in, and badged. So whether you are a school, medical facility, gated- community, or any type of business that should screen visitors and maintain visitor records, SILVERSHIELD™ Visitor Management System offers the most robust, customizable, and versatile system on the market. You can instantly screen incoming visitors against the National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW), your custom Watch List of unwelcome visitors, and your custom VIP List.

SILVERSHIELD™ Visitor Management Systems also offer an optional feature to perform a criminal background screening of a visitor. You can quickly screen a visitor and decide if the visitor should be welcomed or turned away. Our system allows you to quickly communicate with designated personnel in the event of an emergency so you can initiate your emergency protocol.

In addition to our manned Visitor and Incident Management System, we also offer an unmanned version. The SILVERSHIELD Kiosk System lets visitors register themselves at an interactive kiosk using SILVERSHIELD™ Visitor Management software.

2019 Secure Campus & 2019 Government Security Award Winner

The Secure Campus Awards honor the outstanding achievements of security industry manufacturers whose products are considered particularly noteworthy in their ability to improve campus security.

Visitor Management Category
SilverShield Safety & Information Systems

Security Today magazine announced the 2019 Platinum and Gold winners in The Govies Government Security Awards competition today at ISC West, the International Security Conference & Exposition. The awards honor outstanding government security products in a variety of categories including Visitor Management which SilverShield was awarded Platinum.

Visitor Management Category
SilverShield Safety & Information Systems

The Most Advanced Cross-Platform
Visitor Management System Available

SilverShield Interface

The SILVERSHIELD™ Systems’ Dashboard is an easy to use, functional approach to security. Intuitive buttons make the system navigable straight out of the box, while the robust back end programming ensures that visitors, staff, students, and special guests are reliably tracked at your site. Touch screen capabilities for mobile devices means that your security team can be wherever they need to be at your site, while still using the power of SILVERSHIELD™ Software to improve safety. Security teams and designated personnel can quickly put a campus on lock-down, generate campus watch-lists, and initiate background checks on visitors with the click of a button.

Our dashboard can also be accessed via the web, which means that stationary security houses can be hard wired for even faster speeds. SILVERSHIELD™ Systems allow you decide who has access to which features by ‘User Type.’ Staff lists can be entered or imported by ‘Department’ or staff can even be invited to self-register. The look of the dashboard changes by User Type and permissions, so for example, any staff that you give permission to view the Virtual Academy will have the Virtual Academy icon on their dashboard and have access to the wealth of safety, educational, and professional development videos and assessments within the Virtual Academy module. We put you in control of managing the safety and security at your site.

Standard Features

Optional Features

  • Visitor Data Management

    • Customized Watch List pre-populated with most wanted list
    • Customized Quick Badge List for frequent visitors
    • Customized VIP List can include instructions and who within your organization should be contacted
    • Wireless Badge Printing Capability
    • Notification of Visitor to Individual or Department by email and/or text
    • Intuitive Dashboards Customized by User Type
    • User Data Import by CSV File
    • Customized User Self Sign-Up Feature
    • Individual Level User Privileges
    • Visitor Reports and Dashboard
  • Silent Alarms / Lockdown System

    • Internal Silent Alarms  – Automated / Manual Alerts sent by Text, Email and Push Notifications
    • External Silent Alarms – Lockdown system can notify all of your staff, employees, students or parents if desired instantly. This feature also has the ability to call 911.  Notifications will be sent via email, text and push notifications with GPS location to all mobile devices and desktop computers.
  • Visitor Screening

    • Sex Offender Screening
    • Watch List Screening
    • VIP List Screening
    • Optional Criminal Background Screening
  • Event Management

    • Customized Event Invitation Sent by Email
    • Automated RSVP Record Keeping
    • Guest List Cross Referenced With
    • Sex Offender Screening
    • Watch List
    • VIP List<
    • Optional Criminal Background Screening<
    • Event Parking Passes (Auto Generation and Distribution)
    • Event Guest Badges (Auto Generation and Distribution)
    • Guest Attendance Reporting Via Guest Badge Scan Upon Arrival
  • Virtual Academy

    • Learning Management System (LMS)
    • Shareable Open Library
    • Ability to Post and Assign Stock Videos and Assessments
    • Ability to Post and Assign Custom Videos and Assessments
    • Individual Progress Recordkeeping
  • ID Badges

    • Integration With All User Types
    • Ability to Design and Print Permanent Badges
    • Ability to Design and Print Temporary Badges